Mexican Pork Chops with Salsa and Side of Rice



    Here’s a pretty awesome Mexican twist on pork chops. Pork chops are some of the most versatile meats in Mexican cuisine. This is a recipe I found from a great Facebook group called Mexican Recipes. There you can make friends, get tips and learn how to cook authentic Mexican food. This recipes comes from Ela Aloya. She cooked up pork chops and pork ribs with salsa, with a side of rice. She said the aroma in her house was amazing. We hope you enjoy another Mexican recipe by the Hispanic Food Network

    • 4 large pork chops
      4 nice size slices of pork ribs
      5-6 cups of water
      salt to taste
      2 medium tomatoes in slices
      1 half an onion in slices
      1 cup of chopped cilantro
      1 can of tomato sauce
      ½ can of El pato sauce (Mexican hot style tomato sauce)
      4 medium potatoes in cubes.


    • Chop the meat into pieces and cut as much fat as possible, wash and add to a the pot.
    • Add water about 2 cups or so, cover and let it boil on high heat.
    • Once boiling, add salt and lower heat keep covered.
    • When almost done add the tomato slices, onions, cilantro, potatoes and the rest of the water.
    • Now add both your cans of sauces as directed above.
    • Cover and let it simmer until potatoes are done.


    White rice
    2 cups of rice
    salt to taste
    ½ cup of chopped carrots
    ½ onion chopped in pieces

    • In a pan add a bit of oil, then the onions and carrots toasted until onion has some color.
    • Then add the rice toasted a bit more all together.
    • Add water (the amount is up to you) but add enough water to just get the rice covered then let it boil covered, once boiling added salt to taste cover and lower heat.
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    Mexican Pork Chops with Salsa and Side of Rice
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